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Vocal pitch shifted melodies


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Hi, all,


I'm wondering if anyone knows about what there is available to do pitch shifting to make vocal melodies - I can't sing, and am getting fed-up with effected voice samples and snippets, as this just renders every track basic electronica.

I know I need 'formant-preserving pitch shifting', but most stuff is way too expensive and/or on a Mac, which I dont have.


I found this: http://www.phonotron.com . Why is it so cheap? Is it rubbish compared to the other stuff? I havent tried things like TC Helicon - if anyone knows of any 'formant preserving pitch shifters' for turning bland speech into songs, please let me know how it compares.


Any help much appreciated!

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You want to speak out the lines and convert them to melodies? Somehow I dont think that would work out.


The options I can think of for you are -

1 - take singing lessons

2 - find a singer who can work with you free/cheap

3 - use autotune to fix badly sung lines

4 - use melodyne

5 - use yamaha vocaloid

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