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For about 10 years ago i wanted to know something can you help?


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in 1995 i think..... i sent a e mail...

to keyboard magazine, and said to them something.

i wanted to say to them years and years ago with all af my heart


finally i sent it ... with the email acount

of a friend....


the friend some days later told me that

keybaord magazine respondede to my

e- mail but i think by accident i erase it ( he told me)..

( i was very very dissapointed but did not told him)


i did not know if they printed my letter to them.

or what.??


is there a way to know if they printed my e-mail

becuase if its so.. i want to order that mag...

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oo o thanx....


welll its in about 1995 and


My name is David Marmolejo

from Ensenada mexico


in that letter i stated that

since i was a little buy about 13 years


i started reading keyboardmag...

and really love it ..


and said that their readers didnt really apriciate

the magazine that they where always making

bad comments about keybaordmag...

and that they didnt really apricate the magazine for what is was....


and how hard was for me to get the magazine etc..


its was kind of long the letter ..soo i dint know if they edited the e mail...


is there something more i could do to help??


ooo thankyou very much sounds to good to be true..

you are probably going to seel the that mag for 550dlls???

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Actually, I'm not sure I have 1995, but I think so. I'll take a look and let you know.


$550 is tempting, but I'd probably let it go for a couple bucks. Or buy me a Dos Equis the next time I'm in Ensenada, LOL.


Watch this space...



I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

"Tower of Polka." - Calumet

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I looked through the 1995 Letters and no esta el articulo, per my review. I will note that the Keyboard Mag Letters were quite prolific during that era. It is like 2 or 3 pages frontloaded, with a "Continued on Page 49...Continued on Page 122...Continued on Page 149...etc." These days, we get about 2 pages of Letters total. I suppose this forum picks up most of that slack.


In 1995, fellow forum member Richard Whitehouse (aka GuestUser) had at least 2 letters published in Keyboard Mag that I saw tonight.




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