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Mike Martin - P250 more to pass on

Dave Horne

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Mike, I've come across another issue that I would like you to pass on to the guys who write the OS for the P250.


I have made changes to the Reverb level of many Voices (as well as other changes). When I go to create a Split, Layer or a Performance, the settings that I have saved in the Voice revert back to the original settings.


This 'glitch' may not affect both Voices involved (either the Left or Main). I'm tired now and my mind is a bit fried. At any rate, the settings I've made and saved to the Voices are not always carried over when creating a Split, Layer or a Performance.


I can not imagine that I am the first to stumble onto this, but at the very least, could you pass this on and have the techs look into this? It would be great if the next 'P' piano incorporated some of these suggestions. Thanks, Dave

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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