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Our own steadyb in the studio with a LEGEND!!!

Dan South

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I thought that this deserved its own thread:


Originally posted by steadyb:

I got to spend all day yesterday in a studio with Brian Wilson while he recorded all his vocals to a version of Wonderlust he is doing for a Paul McCartney tribute album.


Needless to say, it was more than cool.

Holy cow! Way to go B!



The Black Knight always triumphs!


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I never speak for steadyb on any topic (for all the obvious reasons), but as someone who spends much of my time working with famous folks, from nobodies to has-beens to all-out legends, I'm also hesitant to talk about it here.


First, it makes it seem like people in our respective positions are name-dropping... that we're somehow cooler than the rest of y'all since our jobs put us in contact with well-known users of music and audio gear. Steadyb is a down-to-earth guy, as am I, and although we sometimes enjoy the contact with celebrities, we come here to hang out with friends on the same level as us.


Second, it's not good for the working relationship with the celebrity. The entire point of being able to hang out and do business with these folks is to work with them on a basis of equals. The minute it starts becoming a star adulation type thing, deals start going screwy.


For years, my wife complained that I never got autographs for her, never got pictures taken with rock stars and so on. The first time she came with me to a meeting and saw the nature of how I work with these guys, she summed it up nicely: "It would be like asking your best friend for an autograph. It would make them feel uncomfortable and change your relationship."


I agree. :)


- Jeff

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In this instance the opportunity was not job related but rather through a longtime friend.


It's just one of those experiences that I thought was cool enough to share with out making too big a deal of it.


It was something I never thought I'd have the chance to do, but sometimes these kind of situations just work out. A lucky set of circumstances, that's all. (But a very cool circumstance nonetheless)

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