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Fleetwood Mac's Keyboards?


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I recently saw a new PBS special featuring Fleetwood MAC. I didn't see the whole show, and there weren't many shots of the keyboards. Anyone know what they are using on their tour? One workstation looks like a Triton or Trinity and I think I saw a Hammond organ. But, there was one synth they used for piano sounds I didn't recognize. It had an 80's look to it--wooden end cheeks and lots of buttons and sliders. Any ideas?
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More players from that generation of rockers will soon be retiring, I'd imagine. Jon Lord (who once bought a Hammond from Ms. McVie) quit Deep Purple because of the incessant touring. I'd say that if any of those folks tour soon and you've always wanted to see them, now is the time; they're getting to the point that each tour could be their last.

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That'd be the April issue. Brett Tuggle is the keyboardist. IIRC, he played a B3, GEM Promega 3 for piano, Triton MIDI'ed to an E4 and Roland XV-5080. Offstage keyboard tech had a Trinity and some other modules.

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Originally posted by ABECK:

Originally posted by Stephen Fortner:

[QB]That'd be the April issue. Brett Tuggle is the keyboardist. QB]

Didn't he used to play with David Lee Roth?
He sure did.

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