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Smaller dreams


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Here's another little teaser for you...


Remember the "Dreams" thread, where you had to choose one free piece of equipement, no matter how expensive? On a more realistic level, this time I'd like to know what you would choose if you were given a token for, let's say, $250, to spend right away at the music store. They caught you by surprise - no time to read catalogs or make considerations at home.


No, they don't deal with used gear.


And yes, the clause about having you bathe in hippopotamus droppings if you sell the thing is still in force... :D:D:D


And to make things more interesting, let's exclude software too! :D:P;)


So what would you pick for $250?

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Originally posted by marino:

My pick: a Yamaha BC3 breath controller. I'm using a BC2, and I'm told that the newer model is slightly more precise in its response.


Other ideas: Melodicas, stands, pedals, effects...

Or a nice microphone.
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Can you get a SKB case for a P250 for that price? (I'm still waiting for my flight case to be ready.)


... edited, I called and the flight case is ready.


A nice monitor for the P250 would be nice - just a little extra sound support for those jobs where I do not want to bring the entire shooting match (rack case with amp, mixer, Bose 802s, etc).

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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A good stand that will allow my Motif ES6 to sit just above an 88 note controller. What I have now places the Motif too high and at too much of an angle to play comfortably.



This post edited for speling.
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A microphone for me - hopefully my next purchase, actually. Now that I started tracking vocals at home this is my weakest link.

Korg Kronos X73 / ARP Odyssey / Motif ES Rack / Roland D-05 / JP-08 / SE-05 / Jupiter Xm / Novation Mininova / NL2X / Waldorf Pulse II


American Deluxe P-Bass, Yamaha RBX760

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Originally posted by GregMinton:

Am I allowed to invest and then use the savings to buy something more expensive?

No, it's a token, or a coupon - not cash. The Game Master says: You spend it right away, or you pass.


And in case you're thinking to buy and resell, a nice hippopotamus is anxious to meet you. :D:evil::D

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I'd go with one of the following three (I think they're all in the general vicinity of $250):


---Arturia Minimoog

---Drumkit From Hell 2

---BFD drum module


(All are software; can't think of much hardware that cheap that I'd be interested in.)

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I think I would get the Korg AmpWorks, which is $149, and with my left-over ~$92 I would go buy some good Belgian chocolate and Trappist ale. :D




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