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Volume Level ?


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Originally posted by hangee_77:


I am wondering why all my 2-tracks mixdown volume levels cannot as loud as all the commercial cds? Is this a matter of mastering?


Hanjaya C.

Compression - there is nothing very soft and almost everything is equally loud would be my guess. It's the same mentality with the sound for TV commercials.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


In general, harmonic complexity is inversely proportional to the ratio between chording and non-chording instruments.


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Mastering was what I was guessing too, but the thing is I had just spoken to one of the professional studio owner/engineer, and he said it has something to do with the mixing.

I have been experimenting a lot with the T-Racks & Waves Ultra Maximizer for mastering in order to gain the volume level of my music, sometimes I pushed very very hot, but the result still cannot beat the commercial cds.

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What kind of music? When I compare commercial CDs I find a great variance in RMS levels.


Some examples:

Bob James/Fourplay -12 to -10db

Gregg Karukas -16 to 14db

Donald Fagen (Kamakiriad) -20 to 18db


The Fagen stuff (Roger Nichols) stuff sounds the best, (gee REALLY?). When you look at it it doesn't look compressed at all. Throughout most of the songs, they're only occasionally hitting peaks. Yes you do have to turn up the volume on your CD player to compensate.


I know a lot of music is more compressed than the above examples. But running the Waves L2 at -3.5 to -5.5 I get in range of these CDs.



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