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Korg O1W/FD??

Mike E.

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Hey there,


After a very long hiatus from keyboards, I'm trying to get back into it. I've got three sons who are bemoaning the fact that I'm "forcing" them to take piano lessons - much like I did when my parents forced me. I figure if I can spice it up by having some "weird sounds" around it may help.

Anyway, I've found a Korg O1W/FD synth that I think would be a good start. It was about when this synth came out that I left the world of Keyboard ( I had hundreds of mags strewn about the place ), so I somewhat familiar with what it sounds like etc. I'm just curious as to the specs of this unit. Is it 32 voice? etc etc. I checked the Korg site and their archive doesn't go back that far.

So, I'm hoping there's someone out there that could enlighten me as to it's capabilities.




Mike E. - new guy here.

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It is 32 voice. But my son has just taught me a profound lesson about that.


I gave him my O1W when he went to college and I bought a Triton. I really miss a lot of the sounds on the O1.


But, more than that, my son has just completed a 64 minute orchestral rock piece on that O1 that has caused me to really reconsider where I am going with the technology thing.


The limitations of only having 32 voices has caused him to be much more creative musically in order to accomplish what he wanted to do.


When you listen to this thing, you simply cannot believe that it is all done on a 32 voice machine.


He is an accomplished jazz and prog-rock drummer, which helpes, but he does all the drum work in real time. The only overdubs were in a couple of places where he ran out of fingers when doing double kick drum stuff.


It truly is a testatment to the less-is-more theory. Since there are a lot of odd meter changes, he had to paste it together on the DPS24 Akai, but all the music is performed on the O1 sequencer alone, and the neccessary compromises were made regarding the limited simultaneous effects, etc, of the O1.


Neccessity is truly the mother of invention and he did a bang up job. Of course it is only a demo and we will be putting it together with real instruments in the studio, but it proved to me that the O1 is far from an outdated unit if the will and the inspiration are there.


I think I'm going to be looking for an O1 rack, myself.


I'll post my son's project as soon as he gets the copyright back.

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