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A newbie looking at good deal to start...need your help please!!!


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Like the subject reads, I've been looking to learn some keys before starting music school (guitar proficiency major). The few times I've borrowed a set, I've loved it, but couldn't keep them forever. So... i've been looking for a good full size set to start with and I was wondering what you guys might think.


Ensoniq KS-32, with Anvil Flight case @ $500 used. Mid 90's make, well cared for, from friend of friend.


From what I can find, Ensoniq no longer exists, and E-Mu acts like they never did? Do any of you folks have and/or use this model, or have any knowledge or experience in general with it or it's ilk? Also, has Fatar keyboard, which I guess is high-quality? Harmony-Central has me worried a little though as there are lot of people who have had to replace the boards, lost programs due to bad batteries, etc... Yet, some say it's built like a tank?


Any and all help is appreciated as I don't know how long this f of a f will have it up for sale.


BTW...plan to use it for woodshedding, developing technique, maybe using it in a band situation to cover piano, clav. Wurlitzer, and the almighty B3 sounds.


Rock on, God bless,


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I don't know a whole lot about it (or about whether that's a good price) but I wouldn't worry about a Fatar keybed - they make most of the keybeds out there even in the major brands. Another keyboard you might consider is an Alesis QS8 (late 90's) which you could get used for around $600. There are tons of them floating around because Alesis sold so many. This is the best bang for the buck I know. Sorry not to be more help.


Good luck


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Hi Fin:


I don't own a KS32, but I did play it a number of times when it was a current model. I think it was a decent entry level piano for the money at the time, and $500.00 for one in mint shape with a case doesn't sound all that terrible. I own an Ensoniq TS-10, and truthfully I was hesitant to buy anything by Ensoniq at the time because I had heard Ensoniq boards were unreliable. But I had a good dealer that was a big Ensonig dealer when they were in business, and they had an excellent tech to do upgrades and take care of problems if they came up. (Ford's Music in Altoona, PA) In addition, they provided me with financing to get the TS-10 on a payment plan so I could play. I NEVER had any trouble with it, EVER. I used it extensively as my keyboard/sequencer and played a Roland digital piano and Proteous sound module along with the TS-10 sequences when I was playing gigs. It worked perfectly, never let me down. It still works great to this day.


The only thing you have to be concerned about is getting parts for an instrument that is from a company that no longer exists. I know when Sequential Circuits went out of business some years ago (Prophet 5, 10, etc.) there was much concern from people that owned their boards about getting parts. A company called Wine Country something or other bought all their parts and advertised extensively for years afterward that they had parts and did service on Prophets. I bought some tines and a parts kit from them for my Prophet 5 just in case. I don't know if anyone has done so with Ensoniq parts, but its worth looking in to.


You will probably spend more on a decent new controller and sound module. That's worth looking in to as well. But if you're going to buy the KS32 from a friend, you may not have to pay the entire $500.00 at once, which can make it easier on your budget.




Mike T

Yamaha Motif ES8, Alesis Ion, Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, 1979 Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73 Piano, Arp Odyssey Md III, Roland R-70 Drum Machine, Digitech Vocalist Live Pro. Roland Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1.


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