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Fender Rhodes Mark I vs. Mark II?


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How significant is the difference in tone quality between Mark I and Mark II Fender Rhodes pianos, about which I have read? Can anyone point me to some examples of the difference between the two anywhere on the internet? Do you think that the lack of the "sticky key" problem I have heard about in earlier Mark Is makes up for this loss of tone quality? In other words, should I buy a mint condition Mark II, or try to find a Mark I?



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In the thread 'Native Instruments Elektric Piano', mister burningbusch says it all.


In short: soundwise/feelwise MK I after 1975 is exactly the same as MK II. Only the MK II has a flat top and I find it ugly (visually).

The pre 1975 have a little different tines and have wooden hammers instead of plastic hammers.

The after 1975 models are a bit more reliable, but I like the tone of the pre 75 a bit more.


You can recognise pre 75 models on having the name 'fender rhodes' on the middle (above central e), while later models have the name 'rhodes'.

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