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Synth discoveries


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I just stumbled upon a mv-30. Kind of an tabletop d-70.


I was very surprised that I did not know of this device, since all I do the past few years is waisting my time reading about synths :D . This unit isn't very well known because the number produced is very small.


Do you sometimess get surprized about synths you don't knew of?

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Excellent idea for a thread - I'm somewhat amazed that nobody has responded so far.


BTW, for me it's good timing, because I'm reading "The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers" by Peter Forrest, and after having tested it sadically by searching for the most obscure synths I could think of (they're almost all there BTW), I discovered quite a few ones in the book which I had never heard of - including some Italian ones!


A few examples from the first book (A-M) only:


Arai Ampron-Aubade (monosynth from Japan, 1973)

BME 700 (monosynth from Germany, 1980s)

Clef Microsynth (monosynth from UK, 1983)

CRB Uranus (huge polysynth from Italy, 1970s)

Dataton 3000 (computer-controlled modular from Sweden)

Dewtron Apollo (monosynth from UK, 1977)

Excelsior EK-6 (preset synth from Italy, 1977)

ICA Modular (from Germany, 1975)

Ionic Performer (3-VCO monosynth from USA, 1972)


and many others!

Of course all of them are very rare - I'd love to put my hands on a few and give them a try. :)

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