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EVP88 vs P120


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My Rhodes is standing at a friend's place. I couldn't pick it up for this weekend so I did a gig yesterday with my controller and the iBook with Logic Pro and the EVP88. Today I gigged with my P120 Rhodes sound.

I think the EVP88 is better for studio situations because of the P120's velocity switch, but in live situations the P120 cuts right through the mix, whereas the EVP88 drowns in it.

A real Rhodes wouldn't drown in the mix. The P120 and the laptop/controller combo are much easier to carry around, but for me there's still nothing better than the real Rhodes.



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Originally posted by Superbobus:

I'm gonna get that sucker back here as soon as possible, but on a rainy festival like yesterday it was better to bring in the P120, especially in the situation where we opened the van and the driver wanted to drive away with the door open...

Bob, are you playing the Jazz in Duketown festival in Den Bosch?

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I agree, the P120 definitely cuts through the mix live, no matter how many guitars are there! What about running the ibook's audio through a preamp, like the Speakeasy series, or even one of the lesser expensive Prosonus series?

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Ever tried the Scarbee Rhodes samples on your laptop? IMO, it can compete with a real Rhodes!


Though, since it is so close to the real one, you should also run it through a guitar amp, like you would with a real one. Or use a nice preamp of course.

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