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I must say, Ive had the pleasure of mastering a clients project this week. He used allot of Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Stylus, and Trilogy and Im am gobsmacked how good they sound. I would really like to pick them yup, anyone know where the good deals are ? The distributor Illio , apparently does not disscount them.


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Pretty much the same price all over M. I recently bought the set from Sweetwater in the end - my local GC had them at a lower start price, but then you have to add CA tax - they were a couple of bucks cheaper (with free shipping) ordering them online. Note that, if you buy Stylus now, you'll get the RMX upgrade in September for free! :)




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It is hard to find any discount on these products. The best price can be found at Audiomidi.com if you watch for their sales. Sometimes they have a 10 or 20 percent across the board sale. That is the time to buy.



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