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Yamaha p60 question(s)


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I don't play piano but am wanting something to keep in my studio for songwriter friends.


Soooooo...I'm looking at the Yamaha 60. I've visted the Yamaha website but haven't been able to figure out a couple of things.


1.) Does the P60 have audio outs (L and R)?


2.) Is it multi-timbral? (I was told to ask this.)





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Thank you for the link!


I'm gonna' have to do some studying. I don't even know what multi-timbral and many other terms mean. I played pedal steel for about 27 years and now play mandolin.


Got a link for a digital piano crash course? Something where I can learn the ins and outs, so to speak? :)



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Multi-timbral, in a nutshell, means you can play more than one sound at once.


For instance, you could layer a piano and a string sound and play both from the keyboard.


Or, have a bass sound on the left end of the keyboard, and piano on the right, and so forth...


And a few other things which I would have to start digging into more technical terms :) ... but, for what's it's worth, depending on what you have in the studio, the P60 should suit you fine.

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Originally posted by pdlstl:



Actually, now I'm reasearcning the P90.


How much more piano is this than the P60? Any?



It's got a better piano sound - but it doesn't have built in speakers. You will have to connect it to a keyboard amplifier or hi-fi system.
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