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Another Midi Query


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Is it possible to use a main keyboard for one set of sounds and use a midi controller at the same time using the same sounds from the main keyboard.

For example: A Kurzweil PC2 as the main, and a 61 note midi controller in addition. The midi controller would need full range and different sounds than the main.

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Yes, with a multi-timbre keyboard. I do this with my Yamaha Motif ES. My ES6 sits on top of a Studiologic SL990 controller and I have setups in which the Motif reads the Studiologic input on MIDI channel 2 for piano and ep parts. For me this is a good alternative to paying $800 more to get an ES8 rather than an ES6.


There are two ways to handle this setup. I choose to use setups on the ES that change patches for both MIDI channels. The other way is to leave the ES in multi-timbre mode and let the Studiologic change patches on channel 2 while the ES changes patches on channel 1.



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