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Any reports on NYC Emerson shows???


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Emerson gave a clinic before the Moogfest show!!

Did anybody go?? Wow, that would be as good or better than the concert.


"In conjunction with the Moogfest at B.B. Kings, there will be a clinic presented at 7:00 pm on Monday, May 17, 2004 at Manny's Music (156 W. 48th St in Manhattan) featuring synthesizer legends Bob Moog and Keith Emerson! The clinic will be free to the public and held in Manny's main room on the first floor."



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Sorry for posting so late, its been an incredibly busy weekend.


Drove up to NYC on Friday. Got there too late to get a waiting spot inside but I was first in line outside. About 5:00 Emo walked up the street and waved to everyone before heading inside. We were let inside about 6:20 and were seated. I had a pretty good seat about center stage.


The show was scheduled to start at 8:00. Well at about 8 Will Alexander came out and began fiddling with the Moog and the rest of the rig for about 15 min. Emo and the boys hit the stage about 8:20 to a thunderous standing ovation. For those wondering Emo was at the left side of the stage. He had the Hammond with a Triton on top facing the middle of the stage, the Moog was next to it, and there was ProMega 3 in front of the Hammond towards the center of the stage.


The show began with a medly of America and Rondo. I didn't write them down so I'll list what I remember.


Country Pie

Hang on to a Dream

Touch and Go

Karelia Suite



Fanfare fo the Common Man

Lucky Man

Bitches Crystal


Solo Emo did:

A Blade of Grass

A Cajun Alley

Creole Dance

Honky Tonk Train Blues (the encore)


A few notes:

-About 20 min into the show David Kilminster's amp died. While it was being replaced Emo just walked up to the Promega 3 and started jamming with the rythm section joining in.


-Lucky Man was just piano done on the Promega 3, towards the end Emo got up and walked towards the moog and the crowd went wild. When the time came he just let loose on the moog...the room shook....it was awesome.


-A lot of moog use during the show. It just sounded great to hear it used so much again.


-How was Emo's playing? I haven't seen his playing so animated since the 70's. There have always been those moments in recent years but IMO this was evident through the whole show. He really seemed to be enjoying himself.


-During the "Battlefield" section of Tarkus, David Kilminster held an extremely long vocal note. At this point someone in the audience yelled out "Greg who?". Emo just smiled and kept on going.


-David Kilminster got to do one of his own songs as a solo. He thanked his "support act".


To wrap it up it was just an awesome show. I first saw ELP on the "Works tour" sans orchestra and have seen Emo whenever he toured except for the "Three" tour. It has to have been one of the top 2 or 3 shows I've seen him do. It's just sad that there were so few shows in the US. The crowd was very enthusiastic, maybe this will influence a decision for a tour in the future.


I'll post more when I think of anything.

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I was sitting right next to Will Alexander and thanked him at the end of the show for keeping the modular up to pace. I told him rumors were flying around that the modular was just a "dummy", and that he (Will) was running soft-synths. He laughed and said that we were getting the real thing. He said it was running good, and if I gave him $10,000 it would run great!lol.

When Dave Kilmister's amp fried, Keith jumped on the GEM and played "Hide-away".


At the very end of Fanfare, Keith summoned up the sequence finale from 3rd Impression. A real blast. I was sitting right next to a stack of Bass Bins - my kidneys never felt better! I assure you that the Modular was doing what it was supposed to and alot of what it shouldn't.

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