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Kurzweil Rumor


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There's always someone making a post about Kurzweil going out of business about every three months. :rolleyes: You'd have think after a few years they would have learned by now. :freak:


Kurzweil is a division of Young Chang.


If you're interested in Kurzweil Rumours: http://www.kurzweilmusicsystems.com/products.html?Id=1583

Brett G.

Hall Piano Company, Inc.

Metairie, Louisiana

Kurzweil Keyboard Dept. Manager


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It is from Sonikmatter :


Dead? Dead? Are you out of your fuckin mind? Who or what gave you the right to pronounce us dead. And who gave you the right to speak for the engineers. I'm still here, my reps are still here, and yes even engineers at R & D are still here! It seems when there is a transition of this sort, there is always someone who crawls out from under a rock and has an opinion. I don't like the fact that some of these valuable people were let go, but they were.

And as far as what Samick decides to do with the chips, that's their business since they own 46% of Young Chang

Obviously, there are things that I wish were different right now, but what it is, is what it is.

And your information is old, David. This week we had a meeting at YCRDI with our engineers to determine the agenda of development on product. Our priorities may have changed somewhat, but the VA-1 is still in the running. Mara is still the big focus, and will be on schedule as planned. There are other products planned earlier this year, to be released by Korea later this year. Since you seem to know all things, maybe you will elucidate on the timing for release of these products. I would've called you if I would have known how you wanted to pontificate on these matters concerning Kurzweil. And I'm sure that I speak for at least some of the people who are still employed by Samick/YCA/Kurzweil that in spite of what you may proclaim as our demise, this still means more to us than just earning a paycheck.

Concerning the VA-1, when it ships, there will probably be bugs, and we'll fix them. But I had no idea, that you had so much information about shipping and manufacturing in Korea. I'll make sure that Daniel Kwon contacts you with any changes in the schedule,FYI.

So, if read your email correctly, you say that there were problems when Kurzweil was owned by Ray, and then Young Chang, but in spite of that, Kurzweil still produced great products. So what's different, other than we have less engineers? Will we put out less product? The answer is no.....

Another company bought a controlling interest. With this alliance, in the near future, comes additional monies for changes in the product.

When I look in on this forum, I read a lot about how cool VAST is, but we have the wrong programs, or too many people don't understand what VAST is, or a litany of other things that need to be changed on Kurzweils in general.

Maybe it is time to change how we do things. What features to offer, what parts of VAST can be made more marketable to more consumers.

I don't profess to know all the answers, but I do no some of them, and we're all still here. Kurzweil has had a tradition for years of the best sounds and the greatest capabilities to shape those sounds into unmatched excellence. The people at SMC, (Samick America) do not want to lose that tradition, they want to build on it. But it won't and can't be done in it's present state. Profit has to be generated in order to fund R & D.

There are no quick answers or magic pills. For the last three years, everyone has contributed to keeping Kurzweil viable. From closing GC, to firing the engineers back in 2002, to former rumors of Kurzweil-for-sale, to piss-poor management from Korea, and all the other things heaped on us, we've fought hard to keep this going, and I might add, with some sucess.

And I'll be God Damned if I let some little pissant tell me Kurzweil is dead.


Jeff Dunmire

National Sales Mgr.

Kurzweil Pro



Access Virus TI keyboard,Alesis ION,Yamaha Motif ES 6,Roland Fantom XR.

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Ah, well, the letter has the tone of someone who is hanging in there on behalf of an organization whose upper management is out of touch with their own troops on the line.


The Sonikmatter site is an uninhibited BBS to say the least. Lots of smart people post there, and often there's an edginess to the posts that's just part of the site's vibe.


Unprofessional maybe, but the guy has passion for his work - which may be more than can be said for the big corporate upstairs at Young Chang, etc.


M Peasley

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If you read the first post of the thread that Jeff Dunmire was responding to then you might understand his passion. They both later apologized for the way things were said.

Kurzweil PC3, Hammond SK-1 + Ventilator, Korg Triton. 2 JBL Eon 510's.


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quotes taken out of context can be used for a variety of purposes - usually by someone with a hidden agenda.

arenas that are more professional than an open internet forum normally have a code of ethics pertaining to such situations.

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Wasn't it recently that we saw a rumor that Yamaha was getting out of the pro music line? It was false (as far as I know) but I didn't see anyone from Yamaha flying off the handle like this in response. Rumors are bound to be a part of the web and they are mostly harmless. The surprise here is that any responsible person at Kurzweil would give a rumor like this creedence by responding to it at all, much less by publicly going on record in such a poor manner.


If a company like Kurzweil or it's parents or subsidaries were going out of business, we'd know about it after it happened, not before. NO company would jeopardize itself by acknowledging that it's folding in advance.

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Given Kurzweil's name recognition it's hard to believe it won't exist in some form in the future. The name itself (and the reputation that goes along with it) is worth quite a bit. The sonikmatter threads dealt with the fact that Kurzweil laid off most of the current R & D department recently. From what I can gather, there hasn't been much turnover in that department over the years, so we're talking about the same people who designed the K150 and K2000. The layoff lays the blame for the company's recent lack of success at the ex-R & D people's feet, and I don't think they like that much. A lot of the posts in those threads were along the lines of "this is the end of Kurzweil as we know it." That's probably true, and YCA seems to feel that that's just fine with them.
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Perhaps I can help put this into perspective a bit...


I have personally met Jeff Dunmire and I've even "locked horns" with him on one occasion. In summary, he's a hell of a nice guy and a man of great passion and integrity. EXACTLY the kind of guy I want at the helm of my favorite professional instrument manufacturer!!


As you all know, Kurzweil has been through a number of parent company changes over the years, the most recent being Sammick - the piano manufacturer. That "rough edge" Jeff possesses (that some would characterize as unprofessional) is, I believe, exactly why Kurzweil has survived such a diversity of "creative" upper management strategies. The man has a great passion for continuing the tradition of excellence that has always characterized Kurzweil products.


To appreciate the nature of above post from Jeff, you really have to understand the context in which it appeared. A very well known and highly respected former Kurzweil employee had created a post essentially pronouncing Kurzweil dead. While his intentions were not malicious, it could have been very damaging to Kurzweil's reputation and future sales prospects. Jeff responded with the tenacity of a father protecting his child. I RESPECT THAT!!!!!


Kurzweil continues to manufacture the greatest keyboard instruments in the world, and I use them almost exclusively. As long as they keep making them, I'll keep buying them, and with guys like Jeff Dunmire in the organization, I suspect that will be for some time to come...


Kirk Dupont

Reality is like the sun - you can block it out for a time but it ain't goin' away...
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Looks like Mike Martin got out just in time. :D


Sorry for the negativity. I really hope Kurzweil keeps making great Keyboards and their buyout by Samick doesn't tarnish Kurzweil's excellent line of products and they start producing inferior ones.


Since Samick outsourced their acoustic Piano manufacturing division to Indonesia to save a buck, hopefully more R&D can be spent with the bucks saved towards their new Kurzweil acquisition. And in doing so, they keep making great Keyboards. Here's to hoping. :thu:

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