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question for yamaha S80 users

pete psingpy

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I've been away from this synth for awhile. Had a quick question: When you set up a Performance for sequencing, and choose a voice, what are the reasons why the voice sounds different than the same voice played in Voice mode?


I know about the insertion effects issue...only one part in a Performance can use it's insertion effects. But even when I make sure that the insertion effects are turned on for the correct part, the sound is often different.


Since I noticed things like missing panned delay effects, it might be that the system effects for a performance (chorus/reverb) have to bet set the same way as for the voice in voice mode.


Thanks for any help

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After a little browsing through the S80 user manual...I haven't got any more of a clue than I did before.


The system effects must be part of the problem. I wonder if there are any other settings as well.


Even if it is the system effects, I'm still stuck. Are there any tricks to "copy" a voice's effects into a performance? Otherwise, you'd have to go into the voice edit, figure out the parameters, manually write them down, then add them into the performance.

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I noticed this too on my s30. Have you got anywhere on this issue. One thing I noticed is that Multi mode (H16) Has it's own independent EQ setting besides the Utility setting. I mirrored both settings and it seems to sound better but I have not gotten around the missing effects issue in multi mode. I can get the system to transmit them if I record the tracks in voice mode and then go to Performance mode but not the other way around. :(


I have only had my s30 for about 6 months now. What issues exsist with the Insertion effects?

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I didn't make any progress on the issue. I'm pretty sure you need to manually go into a Performance, and set up the COMMON effect settings to match those of the patch in the Voice mode. I'm pretty sure that you have to do it manually i.e. there's no "copy effect" type of command.


The issue with insertion effects is that only one Part in a Performance can use its insertion effects. Fortunately, in the COMMON settings in Performance mode, it's pretty easy to select the appropriate part.


All this is of course based on the S80; I'm not sure if the S30 works exactly the same way.

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