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Rack Mount Korg BX3 (Night Ranger Rig)


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I was looking into some older Keyboard Mags and found a cool article on Night Ranger, October 1985:


"...We had a fire on the last tour and the case on my Korg BX-3 got burnt, so I had a guy rack-mount it for me. He took out the boards and put them in a rack-mount box with all the controls on the front panel. He also wrote some software that would give me MIDI capability on the organ. So I had another one made as a backup, which is not in the rack today because I'm having him write software and put together some memory so I can call up 128 patches on the organ; everything from the amount of key click and chorusing to the amount of overdrive will be remembered in memory."


Later in the article, it is noted that Fitz used a Dynacord CLS222 instead of "my old Leslie." In the photo of his rack, it is hard to make out much detail, but I can clearly see 2 sets of drawbars sticking straight out of the front of a black mystery box that appears to be 3 or 4U high. I think I see the knobs and buttons as well. The drawbars are just dangling out there and appear to be precarious (like a Voce V5 with no support panel).


Neat story. I wonder if these 2 rackmount BX3s are still in the Night Ranger gear closet or if we should troll eBay on a quest to get one?




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