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Blondie Live on A&E Right Now


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Originally posted by b3keys:

Jimmy Destri is not playing with Blondie. Kevin Patrick was the keyboard player. His rig consists of Korg CX3, Korg Triton (88 keys), Alesis A6, Apple G5 with Reason and sometimes a Kurz.

I saw a triton on his right, A CX3 in front (could have been a BX3) with something like an oxygen 8 sitting on top that I did not see him actually use.


To his left was an unidentifiable small board that

he used for horn parts. Had a lpatop mounted above it - that sounds like it could be an Apple laptop (couldn't tell on video as he did not get a lot of attention on the part of the show I saw).


Did not see an Andromeda.


CX3 seemd to be midied to something as it was producing synth sounds as well as B3 sounds at times.


BTW, felt sorry for the guys (and Gal). Format was inane. Had people calling in for requests and Blondie and the Guitarist had to make small talk to them. Compere was totally wet. Show had zero continuity as a result.

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Jimmy Destri is not playing with Blondie.
I stand corrected, I posted that before any introductions had been done and I thought Jimmy Destri was on this tour. The Oxygen8 looking thing is what I assumed to be a Novation, it was used on "Heart of Glass". And yes, the format was horrible. Debbie Harry did not look to have been having any fun at all, and I wonder if she wasn't just irritated with the show. They didn't seem to enjoy interacting with the fans, either- sometimes, Clem Burke would launch into the fans' requests while they were still in mid-sentence. Just when Debbie started to appear to enjoy herself, Jules Asner busted in with more dumb dialogue (she even called Debbie "Blondie" at one point), and Debbie looked irritated all over again. Her voice hasn't held up very well, either. She's lost a lot of range both off of the low and high end, and she can't negotiate the interval jumps anymore. I never realized that before, what a common feature that is in their songs: the melodies aren't so linear, they have a lot of interval skips. They didn't play many keyboard-oriented tunes, but it was all request. Clem Burke is still a complete badass on drums.

Elvis Costello was on that show a couple of months ago, and he came off much better. It helps that he has a career's worth of material to draw on, and isn't so much locked into a certain time. (This also meant that he didn't have to be interviewed by someone who wasn't even around for that time). One of the callers in to that show was a "Burt from Canada", who turned out to be Burt Bacharach.

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