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No user servicable parts inside


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Got the QS8 set back up at home after Saturday's gig Monday night and got 5 minutes into praticing and phut! No sound no LCD light no nothing.


Replaced power strip and power chord - nope. Checked desk light still worked - rats.


So opened it up and first thing I saw was a fuse next to the power transformer. Like its probably power because everything's stony. Checked it with the multimeter and sure enough its open (oddly didn't look blown). Went down Norvac and got replacement fuse and lo-and-behold it came straight back up Tuesday evening - phew.


These units are real straight-forward inside. Look real easy to work on. (Its a QS8, not a .1 or .2). Given that I would probably have to ship it off to some dark corner of the planet or even New York to get it fixed, that is probably a good thing.


Now all I need is a reliable and fast source for parts. Apparently trying to get parts from Numark is a real pain.

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