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Found this thread, and was also wondering if anyone has used this. I've been looking to get something to improve on the kits in my Yamaha s80; DFH2 seems relatively cheap, and apparently doesn't require a sampler but works as a VST plugin.


I was surprised to see no reviews at KVR too.


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Just by chance, I stumbled upon a favorable review of DFH 1 in a 2002 Keyboard issue last night. But it seems like there's little hype about this product.


Are the sounds just suited to rock and heavy metal, or are there jazz type sounds?


Also, it apparently comes with some audio loops and midi beats. Anyone heard any of those?


Are there some other competing products out there in the same range to consider? I don't have a software sampler, so it seems a nice feature that DFH2 doesn't require one.

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I have DFH2, and I think they are some of the best raw drum sounds I have ever had the pleasure to use. I would say that they would hold up in any genre. The are as close to unprocessed as they could be while still being usable.


But the Kontakt engine is REALLY finicky. I still can't get it to work quite right. I've been on the phone with Sweetwater a few times, and I'm going to need to call them again. NI's tech support is lacking, to say the least.

"For instance" is not proof.


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