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Me and dB at NAB

Jeff Klopmeyer

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Yesterday afternoon in Vegas, there was a somewhat surreal moment that may have been captured for posterity.


As part of my work for one of my clients, I was told to attend a press conference for SSL's new small-format analog console. Also there was our esteemed moderator, Dave Bryce. So, right after the press conference, they passed out glasses of champagne and then herded everyone together for a photo op.


So, if you see a magazine photo with a burly bearded guy with an ADAM logo on his shirt standing next to an unkempt skinny dude with spiky hair and a little goatee, both standing in front of an SSL console and toasting each other with plastic champagne glasses... well, you know the rest. :)


On a side note, I congratulated dB for having ADAM S3-A's being used to demo Digi's new Icon controller. nice board, and nice speakers. :thu:


My only other NAB moment to report: hanging out with steadyb at the Apple booth and making goofy commentary while he was demoing Logic 6 (mostly just waiting to discuss the Lakers' win the evening before). ;)


- Jeff

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