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How to program a very specific guitar tone on a S90...


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Ok...this may seem weird...but I am REALLY wanting advice on how to nail the caliope-esque lead guitar sound used by Brian May on several Queen albums - notably 'Good Company' from 'A Night at th Opera'. Jeff Lynne also uses a similar with ELO on 'Mr. Blue Sky'.


I have a Yamaha S90...any ideas???

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I don't have a Yamaha S90, but if I were approaching that particular sound from a rompler's point of view, I might set up a multi-voice patch that began with a good lead guitar sample, then add two or so square waves, filtered to taste. Those guitar sounds are pretty woody, almost clarinet-like.


Perhaps the guitar sample should fade out sooner than the square waves...you really only need the attack.


And then if your keyboard has any on-board compression, I'd compress the fool out of it, just to emphasize the attack--give it a little more bite.


Lots of pitch bend. Those parts are delightfully slippery.


Good luck.



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