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Poly Evolver mp3 Demos & News

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Thought you might enjoy some mp3 demos from the new Poly Evolver. All four of these demos are of "Combo" sequences (a Poly Evolver "Combo" is a combination of anywhere from one to four Evolver "Programs", a.k.a "patches").


These are 100% Poly Evolver Combo sequences, with no overdubs or layering, no external effects, etc. etc. I just hit the "Start" button and recorded:


RollingHills.mp3 - 824 Kb

- Kind of a bubbly, atmospheric, drone/pad kind of thing.


Zeequence_3.mp3 - 550 Kb

- A funky rhythm made from a combination of disparate sequences.


MartianDance.mp3 - 592 Kb

- This was my best attempt to sound like the great Steven West! It helps to have a good subwoofer that goes *real* low for this one.


UrbanAmazon.mp3 - 712 Kb

- A very slick electronic beat with some cool analog cymbals. I think this is the best of the bunch.


Hope you enjoy them. For those of you that are thinking about getting a Poly Evolver, I KNOW you'll enjoy THAT!


Dave Smith is taking care of some last minute details, but is still planning to start shipping Poly Evolvers this week.

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I only said I WANTED four. I didn't say I was going to be able to GET four! :D


Regarding your other comment... yes, eight voices is certainly better than five! However, I *really* like having the Evolver for use as a programmer for the Poly, along with the extra voice it adds, of course. I'll just have to "make due" with my Evolver/Poly Evolver combo for a while. ;) I do hope to be able to add a second Poly some day, though.

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In the past year, my Evolver has so distinguished itself sonically that I feel like I need the Poly so I can get all...polyphonic, let's say. It has taken me a while to really appreciate the analog difference, but now it's as plain as day. It's more visceral than anything else. Analog synths hang in the air differently than VAs and sample-based synths. 5 Voices of Evolver would be fine for me.
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