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Kurz me-1 vs micro piano


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I sold my Micropiano a while ago to get the ME-1. There's no comparison in every way. The Micro has a much harscher piano sound, good for rock ensembles, but not for exposed pianistic situations. Plus, the ME-1 has a ton of other sounds and it's multitimbral.
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The ME-1 is the next-generation Micropiano. Superior in every way. Triple Strike Piano samples from the K2600 and PC2 series. In fact, it has the same internal soundset as the PC2 series, minus the expansion ROMs and no KB3 mode.

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Originally posted by Shinerfan:

Word up, any opinions? I am ready to get a good piano sound and know nothing about them.


If you are going to buy a piece of equipment to use on jobs (or for your home studio), have a plan already in place at the point of sale - make sure you can bring it back if you are not happy.


I once bought a small module that sounded great in the store, but I was very unhappy when I got it home and put it through its paces. It cost me a 'rental' fee of about $25 or so. I didn't negotiate anything when I bought it as I thought it was what I really wanted.


Just passing this on.

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ME-1 definitely.

Can i add a question now that i've actually located some other ME-1 users?


When reading about the KME-61 (the keyboard version of the micro-ensemble) in various reviews they mentioned that it had a real synth engine which IIRC had different functions allocated to each sound, and a single slider to activate them. Two questions then: 1) does the micro-ensemble also have this? (the manual is crap) and 2) how do i activate it?

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I also own the ME-1 and find it a major improvement over the Micro Piano. But be sure to keep in mind that it does not have much of a programming interface and that all changes that you make are erased once you turn off the module. If you plan on programming the unit, you will be very frustrated by this. I don't find it a major hindrance, as I only use it on gigs.(I just turn off the stupid chorus default and play).

If you want to program the unit I would suggest putting down a little bit extra money and getting the PC module.

Even with the shortcomings though, I love the module!

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Many thanks to all,


After all the posts and research I have a Fatar 88 key controller and a Kurz e mod on the way from the USPS right now. Much cheaper than a complete workstation and will have to start a new thread for computer based seq'a and all. Give me a few months and will post some new songs, have to get back in shape and all. Also, my bro can play Satriani and Via so the GNX4 is also on order for the first week of next month. I have been out of the scene for years and am now smiling like it's illegal!


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