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Keyboard Magazine Google Links Question

Geoff Grace

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Please forgive me if someone else has already raised the concern below.


I'm aware of the requests being made for us to click on the Google ads to the right, and I've been doing my part. Sometimes these links actually give me information of interest as well. However, I wonder if there's one link we should avoid: the link to subscribe to Keyboard Magazine.


My understanding is that clicking on a link brings revenue to this site regardless of whether or not we make a purchase after following it. Does this mean then that Keyboard, in effect, pays itself every time we click on the subscribe to Keyboard link?


I presume that Google gets a cut of this action or it wouldn't profit them to offer this service. Therefore, if fees are paid on a case by case basis, then wouldn't Keyboard be paying a bigger fee to Google than it receives from Google, causing Keyboard to lose money every time we click on the subscribe to Keyboard link (without actually subscribing)?


On the other hand, if Keyboard pays a flat fee to Google, then I suppose it would be Google that would stand to lose money if we clicked on the link too many times, causing them to pay more to Keyboard than they had received. If this is the case, then perhaps we should make sure that we click on Google's subscribe to Keyboard link first and foremost.


I notice now that the subscribe to Keyboard link takes the user to magazineline.com. Is it possible then that clicking on the link costs Keyboard nothing and that the cost is entirely Magazine Line's to absorb? Is the cost shared by Keyboard and Magazine Line in some way?


For those of us who wish to support this site by clicking on the Google ads, I'm just wondering if this is something we should be concerned about. While awaiting an answer, I'll just follow the other Google links, since I am already a Keyboard subscriber.





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I just hope Keyboard/EQ/Musicplayer gets paid every time someone clicks on a link that mentions a subscription to "Electronic Musician" magazine! :)

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