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Sample stories?


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What's the funniest/weirdest sample you've created? What's the coolest? How'd you achieve that sample?


Earlier I recorded some taps and hits on a metal canister/bucket with cover. I figure I can use these for percussion, and I'm always fooling around playing samples at low octaves and having some dark ambient stuff. I also shook the bucket... I haven't tried these samples on the keyboard yet... but get this - it's a bucket of cat food :D

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Rubbing the edge of a wine glass, then transposing way down.


Breaking a stalk of celery and again, transposing down.


Both worked out very good for sound FX purposes - the celery was very organic sounding - almost like an alien hatching from a cocoon.

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I used to use the breaking celery thing for broken bones all the time when I was a sound editor. I've had to simulate every type of bodily function. My partner even had to foley... something bad I probably shouldn't mention.


My favorite sample when I got my Ensoniq Mirage was a little toy safe that I whacked with a drumstick through a reverb. It became the most rude, distorted gated snare drum ever. Back then if you wanted any high frequencies out of the Mirage you had to distort the heck out of it. I've done the trick of squeaking a balloon and pitch shifting that down, that's fun. I have a metal Ikea trash can that I've used as an ethnic drum on a soundtrack. Cool stuff.

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Here are a few:


I asked a bass player to record some tapped harmonics, treated them heavily with pitch shifters and resonators from a couple of Lexicon PCM70s, and sampled them on the Kurzweil. It's on my first album.


I recorded a crowd noise (from a sound effect CD), *flanged* it, and applied heavy amplitude mod with a square LFO. Instant trance! I also tried to vocode it with drum loops, with mixed results.


I yelled into a mic and recorded that. Then I heavily EQed it to make it the most 'lo-fi', then I looped it! It was dramatic on the verge of comic... :D


I used a cheap 'vocal synthesis' program to make 'computer voices', at times saying actual words, other times just vocal 'sounds'. Then I mangled them with granular synthesis. I then transferred them to the Kurzweil where I mangled them some more with VAST, added effects, layered them, made little rhythms, etc. It sounded great!


I programmed my Rhodes Chroma to emit the most absurd noises an analog synth could produce, sampled them on the Kurz, then I VASTed them to death. Rather perverse, if you ask me. :)


The mandatory 'sex noises' thing: I asked a singer to make sex noises for several minutes, as a background for a piece I was recording for a theatre show. Needless to say, I also made a tape with her track alone, and gave it to her as a present... :evil::eek:


etc. etc.

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