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XP-80, triton LE, trinity, CS-6x


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I'm a bassist and want to start writing and recording songs. To record my ideas (in the area of neo-soul like Meshell and D'Angelo) I already own a simple harddiskrecorder and a piano. To develop and colour my ideas further I want to buy a (used) synth/workstation. My budget is approx Euro 750,- ($800).


It's quit a challenging search and I'm navigating extensively through Dutch Marketplaces and secondhand sites. I think my options narrow down to:

1. used XP-80

2. new triton LE

3. used Trinity

4. used CS-6x


Can you please advice? Thx!

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For what you plan to do, the Roland will give you that. I own the Triton LE and a couple of Roland modules (the JV1010 and the MBD-1 expansion module, and adding a Fantom XR soon), and I always reach toward the Rolands for that type of sound. The Korg CAN achieve that, but Roland's sounds have "soul" written all over them. Jill Scott's album is practically all Roland (heck, most of the stuff from A Touch of Jazz is).


The CS6X and Trinity are dope, too, but, again, I personally think the Roland is what fits you sound wise. Then again, it's all really up to you, and if you think the others will work better for you. Good luck in any case!


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If this is going to be your only other keyboard apart from the piano, I'd recommend either the Triton le or the XP-80. I really like the architecture or the Roland series, but it's really a matter of taste. Could you possibly find a used Fantom instead? Those sounds are more current, and at the same level as the Triton in terms of time period. Again, it's a matter of taste.

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The Triton Classic has been discontinued, so it will be available at a reduced price. It has more features than the LE, and the touch screen is great to work with. It's worth the extra $$$.
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