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keyboard effects


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i did a reserach on this topic a few months ago and as far as small, specific effects/pedals go: anything from Moogerfooger and Electro Harmonix line will work. Great for "warming up" and adding further dimension/animation to digital synths (and analog). Frostwave and Eowave also make interesting pedals. Hughes and Kettner tube series (leslie etc).


to pick a few;

Small Stone Phaser

MemoryMan Deluxe analog delay

Moogerfooger 103 Phaser

Moogerfooger 101 LP Filter

Frostwave Resonator (HP/LP MS20 filter, killer for dance music - processing keys, vocals, loops)

EHX 2ube - stereo tube processor, for thickening and/ or overdrive


As for reverbs, multitap delays, and more complex stuff in general, there is quite a few rack devices on the market. It all depends on your budget. For good bang-for-the-buck ratio i'd look at:

Kurzweil Mangler etc

Roland SRV3030 used (i use its delay/rev programs on analogics, and great room/hall on rhodes)


on the higher end:

Kurweil KSP8

Lexicon PCM70 used

Eventide Harmonizer series /old and new

Yamaha SPX2000


PS: I was told there is a store in Krsko/Brezice that has EHX at great prices.. I know they carry Kurzweil products as well.

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I 'm searching a vintage sounds simulation keyboard , Roland vr-760 or nord electro 2. VR-760 has some effects but my favourite effect wah is kind of ... strange, specialy with clavinet. I am looking for nord electro too but I haven't found it yet :( . I know it has some effects .
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A guitar wah pedal on rhodes and clavinet :thu:

An original Crybaby does it for me but I haven't tried others if they are maybe better. I made a box to handle stereo/mono. Keyboard outs go into box's ins and with a button I switch between mono out (for wah) and stereo outs that go into a mixer.

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