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Nord Electro OS 2.1 Released

Dave Pierce

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In case anyone was waiting for it, Clavia has released the new version of the Nord Electro OS. Get it here.


From the Web Site:


Clavia now releases the V2.1 Software Upgrade for the Nord Electro 2 and Nord Electro. The V2.1 upgrade features 'Selectable Keyboard Velocity Sensitivity' for the piano sounds. In V2.1 you can now select between 10 different velocity sensitivity curves for the piano sounds in your Electro! This makes it possible to tailor make the internal keyboard velocity response to your liking! The V2.1 Software Upgrade also features some minor bug fixes.
A bunch of people on the Yahoo! Groups Nord Electro list have already installed it. Myself, I'll probably wait at least a couple of weeks to see how that goes for them. ;)



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I just installed 2.1 on my 61, and it works fine so far. The new velocity curves are a nice addition, right now I´m using curve 1, which is somewhat more dynamic that the old default. I was pretty happy with the default curve, but I find that I can be even more dynamic like this. The other curves proved a little too much for me, maybe it´s a question of adjusting. I MIDIed it to my XV-2020, and everything seems fine so far, no problems at all. I´ll be back with a report if anything goes wrong. This feature will mean a lot more if you play your Electro from a weighted controller.


/J :D nas

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