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Electric Guitar thru Keyboard amp?


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Has anyone tried this? Actually I would be using an electric guitar thru the Roland GR20 synth into the amp. Someone told me that I should use a keyboard amp with the synth pickup because my guitar amp has limited range and might blow. Also if I use the bass synth sounds or low notes they would suck thru the guitar amp and sound better thru the keyboard amp. But what about clean guitar and with my overdrive pedal, delay, and wah?
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You are correct that you should route your guitar synth output to a full-range amplifier, such as a keyboard amp or through the PA, since the GR is essentially a JV synth.


As far as your straight guitar and pedals, those should definitely be seeing a guitar pre, poweramp, and speaker to sound authentic. There are ways around it by using modeling (something that simulates the behavior of a guitar amp), but you could also just use an A/B box or, if the GR has a direct signal out, which I suspect it does, go from there to your pedals and amp.


I doubt the GR would "blow" your speaker under normal conditions, but it would definitely sound sucky.

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The ROland system has separate outs for synth and straight guitar. Route the synth outs to a high-fidelity keyboard amp or PA (unless you want to deliberately color the synth sounds with a guitar amp, which is a purely subjective artistic decision), and the plain guitar signal to the guitar amp rig of your choice. Voila! :)




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