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emu ROM question

Tom Fiala

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While searching over at e-bay, I noticed an expansion ROM for my e-mu command station that I hadn't previously heard of. It's called the "ensoniq project rom" and is advertised as some combination of previously released ensoniq sound banks. There's no info on it at the emu website.


Can anybody describe this for me? Is it worth adding to my PX-7 (which also has the techno synth and X-lead chips in it)? Or are the samples dated, with spotty sound quality? How does the "Pure Phatt" compare?


Thanks, all!

Tom F.

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The Pure Phatt is 100% hip hop. So if that's not your cup of tea, I'd say avoid it...although it makes a nice complement to the XL1/7 board that you have.


The Ensoniq ROM is called "Sounds of the ZR". There was some talk about it in another thread. Try using the search command. People were pretty specific.

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A Quote from Emu:

The ENSONIQ Project Proteus Expansion ROM is a 32 MB collection of sounds culled from ENSONIQ legendary Urban Dance Project and Real World libraries for the ASR and MR keyboards and racks. These two soundsets represent some of ENSONIQs most popular sounds, used on countless hits over the years. E-MU sound designers have painstakingly gone back into the ENSONIQ archives to program and release these legendary sounds for the current line of Sound Modules, Command Stations and Keyboards. The ENSONIQ Project goes far beyond just re- releasing the original source material, however, as all presets are set up to control a host of synthesis and filter parameters via the real-time controllers.

The Ensoniq ROM's for the MR are very hard to find. Urban Dance Project sales on Ebay for $300 and many hip-hop artists buy an MR just for that ROM. Urban Dance Project and Real World are 24 meg each so Emu could not fit the entire ROM set into the single 32 meg Ensoniq Project ROM. Proteus is also without formant filters so not all patches sound the same. As you do not have World or Beat Garden ROM's in your PX-7, the Ensoniq Project would give you the world percussion sounds that are missing in your machine. This ROM is not the same as the Sounds of the MR. Sounds of the MR has 16 meg from the MR's 24 meg sample set and the 16 meg piano included in the ZR. World Expedition will give you better percussion sounds than any other Emu ROM. Beat Garden has decent percussion but it also contains a lot of junk. Vintage Pro will turn your drum machine into a useful keyboard sound module.



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