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Recording a suitcase Rhodes 88


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A friend just got her mom's Rhodes 88. It never left the house and is in pretty good shape, though it'll require some voicing and tuning. I had a Stage 73 and can do the voicing, but I've never really fooled with a suitcase model.


We tried recording it using the pre-amp outputs on the side of the amp. While this worked, we had to turn the volume up considerably while tracking.


Is there a way to record the Rhodes without having the amp on and still get eq and vibrato?




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I believe www.speakeasyvintagemusic.com has a solution for that; I googled on gigging and suitcase 88 and ended up at their site. Apparently, it´s a box that allows you to gig (and record, I presume) a suitcase without using the internal speakers. Since I´m really close to landing a deal on a suitcase 88, I´d really appriceate if you post the results later on!


/J :cool: nas

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