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and a Three, and a Four, and a One....


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This is the 34One (GET IT?? :D:rolleyes: )




This "tap tempo pedal that generates a MIDI Clock signal. The pedal works by stamping out the 'Three Four" of a bar, thus setting a fresh MIDI clock value. The tempo range is 30 to 300 BPM. It can be used for songs, patterns and also arpeggios with software and hardware synthesizers and sequencers."


I don't know if you guys (and gals) remember, but I was complaining a while back that I couldn't find something that would stream a master MIDI clock when Logic or DP was stopped, so all of my synchronized arpeggios wouldn't playback when I was just auditioning patches. I don't really care about the tap tempo, except that I'm guessing that there is no numerical way to set an exact tempo....>sigh<. Well, I guess I could just approximate a tempo until I'm ready to mix, but that will throw off the sampled loops.


Dammit! So CLOSE!


Never mind.

"For instance" is not proof.


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