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Progression rut.


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I just realized that 4 of the last 5 songs that I wrote start off on a I - bVII progression! I never intended it to be that way. Nor have I even realized this until I really thought about it today.


Has this happened to any of you? Is this a bad thing? Should I be ashamed? How should I escape this rut?

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Ok...purposely write a song that doesn't use that VII chord anywhere. Or arbitrarily pick another chord you don't use often, and write a progression with that one ....just to get the brain going. Or decide you are going to make your song modulate to an unusual key...

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Or if the songs are all good and otherwise distinctive, just roll with what's working!

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Another suggestion: start with a melody and let that guide you to different chords underneath it. Experiment with chord rhythm (how fast it moves thru the changes) as well as the actual chords.


FWIW, some of my favorite stuff I've written off mistakes. I stumble on something that opens up a whole new door to me.

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