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Yamaha U1 and U3


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I'm thinking of buying a s/h Yamaha U3 upright piano if all goes well later this year with piano lessons (yep I think I have reached a limit with my self learning ).


I am thinking I can't get the light touch I want from a Yamaha P120 digital and it kinda drives me crazy.


I was just wondering what other people thought of the U3 or perhaps the smaller U1? The flat I have is fairly small and there are students next door so I'm wanting somethig that isn't too intrusive/loud.


Does the U1 have a vastly different sound to the U3? I'm thinking the U3 is about as close to a real grand as I can afford at the moment....


How do they compare with the smaller baby/grand pianos?


What about the equivalent Kawai models too?

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The U1 is highly regarded as one of the best pianos in its class (professional uprights)I lucked out and bought a U1 on the cheap because of its external appearance - had belonged to a military couple and had been through a lot of doorways.

Check out Larry Fine's piano book for a good review of the U pianos

The U3 is excellent also and has better bass because of longer strings.

The action on these pianos is not heavy, very playable, but you don't really want light action anyway if you want to develop the strength a pianist needs.


Yamaha U series - highly recommended!


Just remember for not much more than the price of a new one you may be able to find a good used grand.... IF you have the room for one.



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I owned a U1-D (a 48" upright) back in 1970 or so and it was an excellent piano. If you live in a small apartment, the soundboard will be probably facing your neighbors. If you buy an acoustic upright, you'll have to stuff foam or cloth into the soundboard. I used carpet tiles and nailed them into the back of the piano.


Have you checked out the Yamaha GranTouch. Yamaha makes a hybrid upright piano - a real upright action with an excellent sampled sound.

Yamaha GT20 I just used http://www.froogle.google.com/ to find a price and the GT20 goes for about $4300.


I own and practice on a GT1, a real grand action with an excellent grand piano sample. If you want a real action and you live in a small apartment, this might be the way to go.

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