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New clavinet hammer tips - clavinet.com or Speakeasy?


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I recently bought a Clavinet D6 and now I want to replace the old hammer tips. It seems that there are two sources for these: www.clavinet.com and www.speakeasyvintagemusic.com. Both offer hammer tips, which seem to be quite identical (both are made from Buna Nitrile rubber, are tapered...and black). The only difference is the price: clavinet.com = $49,99 per set, Speakaeasy = $24,95 per set! Has anybody already ordered the Speakeasy-tips and can comment on the qualitiy of those? There seems to be no real reason to buy the twice as expensive clavinet.com tips...
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I have the Speakeasy tips and they appear to be perfect. The size and shape are pretty much identical to the originals (better material though.)

I don't have any idea why the clavinet.com tips are so much more. How much better could they be?

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