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Another MIDI question


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assuming you mean upgrading the sounds of your soundcard: that's not possible with a simple driver-upgrade. At least, if you a have the likes of a soundblaster card. You have a few options here:

-buy a (gm)module, and connect it to your computer. try the Korg N5r, it doesn't cost much second-hand.

-install a daughterboard. Yamaha and Roland have "expansion"boards for your soundcard (check if your soundcard supports these daughterboards first!)

-go for the softsynths! There's a softsynth version of Yamaha's XG-modules on the market among others. These software synths offer great bang-for-the-buck.

no, you're not.
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What you're talking about is the General MIDI soundset, actually a GS soundset on a Roland. The aforementioned products are up your alley. If your soundcard is very cheesy, these are some cheap alternatives:

- Control Panel->Sound etc.-> change your default playback MIDI device to the Microsoft wavetable, and see if it sounds better. That also might be a Roland soundset, as is the Quick Time Synthesizer.

- Open the sequences with Quick Time and see if that sounds better.

- the Roland VSC, a softsynth version of the GS soundset. You install it and do the same Control Panel trick. Actually, it probably does the configuring for you. It's one of those pieces of software that assigns itself as the default for everything and is very hard to get rid of if you want or need to.

- Got a keyboard with a GM soundset? Got a PC MIDI interface? Assign the MIDI interface as the MIDI playback device, and run the MIDI out to the keyboard/module. DooM sounded killer through a QS6.

- Don't got a keyboard or module? Reread Dumdum's post.

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