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Tom Fiala

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It is a monster, that's for sure... If you can, get one with the MPG-80 programmer. There's another thread going on about alternative solutions and devices to program the Jup, but the original MPG-80 programmer is really the best solution. It's just REALLY expensive. There are a few eBay and HC offerings going on right now for a matched set (Jup + Programmer) and if you are willing to fork over the $$$, it will reward you for it. Sound-wise, it is true analog and pure 80's fatness. If that is what you are looking for, it is the real deal.


I love my MKS-80 but unfortunately don't have the programmer. That really does take away a lot of the immediacy and "fun" of playing with it. You can still program it, but that turns into the "tech" side of things very quickly, as the menu interface for the MKS-80 is very small and just one big long string of options you have to scroll through to program it. I have a Peavey 1600x on the way which should make programming a little more interactive and I will post a review of that unit to the other thread I mentioned as soon as I get it.


Short answer - get one (with the programmer if you can afford it)! :D


Hope that helps - thanks!


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