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I need a good synclead


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I wonder if someone can help me to find a good synclead. The sound that I'm looking for sounds like this:





I read on the discussion board at www.spacesynth.de that it shall be possible to make a good synclead with the Pro53, but I wonder if there are some free alternative (ie. are there some free VSTis or some free sample/soundfont that can give this result ?


I assume that it is quite easy to make a patch that sounds like this, but I haven't succeeded to make one yet. I'm looking for a patch that has a good feeling and deep.

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That's a classic Prophet 5 sound that is a fairly cliched, yet timeless and cool synth classic at this point. I have always enjoyed this sound. I remember that The Cars "Let's Go," Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" were pops songs that helped put this sound on the map.


As for how to get this sound on today's equipment, this sound can be done on any analog synth or VA with 2 oscillators that can be synched together. What hardware synths do you have? The ones I've owned that do this sound would include Roland JX8P, Nord Lead, Virus, Yamaha PLG-AN. It is usually a preset on most of the synths these days.


I'm not sure about free software.




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Thanks Eric for your answer.


What hardware synths do you have?
I've got an Yamaha EX5 and the soundcard is a Creamware Pulsar2 (ie. the soundcard has some softsynths built in).


I assume that it is important to add the correct effects to get the correct sound (flanger and delay ?).

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Hi Staffan,


Swede I presume ?


There is no need for a flanger. The delay can be used ( and is in your example ).


Basically, take two oscillators, activate sync ( so that oscillator two is the slave to oscillator one ).


Use Square or Pulse waveforms on both oscillators.


Use an envelope to modulate the pitch of oscillator two. Setup the modulating envelope like this : A=0, D=5, S=0, R=0.


Experiment with the initial frequency and amount of envelopemodulation of oscillator two.


The filter ( LPF ) should be fairly open with little or no resonance.


The VCA should be modulated with an envelope that has these settings: A=0, D=0, S=10, R=0.





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Staffan: i assume you're trying to do something for the AN project over at EX5tech?

if you don't get it figured out, i've sent in a few examples of some extreme hard sync sounds.

take a look at them when they're posted.

yamaha's AN is not like the typical analog stuff.

it's a head scratcher trying to figure out how to get the results you want that are simple with other things.


take a look at the manual for the plug-in board from here:




(type in plg150an after you 'accept').

on page 31 you get a few hints about using sync.

it's slightly better than the ex5 manual (but not much).

anyways, good luck and if you're still having trouble, take a look at some of the submissions when they're posted - i'm sure there will be several variations.

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mildbill, thanks for the information.

The EX5 is great, but I'm not very good at making new patches.

At the moment I only have one synth and one computer, and here is a picture of my "studio":


studio picture


I've tried the AN1x converted sounds (they are great), but I haven't found the synclead sound there.

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mildbill, I'll watch that topic at EX5tech and see what happens with it.


I got a patch today for a softsynth that I have in my soundcard called Bluesynth (everyting that is blue seems to generate great sounds :) .

Here is a example of how it sounds like:




With a little change to the eq and some more delay effects it sounds even better. I'm satisfied with this result, but ofcourse I will see what sound the EX5 can bring.

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