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difference between Emu samplers


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hello fellow musician's :)

i'm planning to pick-up a used Emu sampler since they r so cheap n sound great.

i would like to know what the differences are between say an E4xt, E6400ultra ,and E5000ultra sound wise. notice i'm talking about sound quality especially the sound of the da of the different models. can someone with this knowledge please help me out ? thank-you very much :)

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QUOTE: "E4xt, E6400ultra ,and E5000ultra sound wise"


well i had e64, then E4X, and I still have E4XT Ultra;


soundwise, more or less they are the same except ULTRAs having a 20-bit ADDA instead of 18-bit.


Two main differences are CPU Speed and OPTIONS.


CPU Speed: each new has generation has better midi timing, snappier reaction to button pushing/editing (this was a drag on e64).


OPTIONS: each new generation had more options. Since EMU has officially stopped hardware line :cry::cry: ,

you should get the model with all options you thought about maybe getting later.



64voice polyphony board ; adds 64voice to E6400/E5000

RFX32 and RFX-ADAT interface (24bit)

Extra 8 balanced outs

extra 16 midi ch


so if you'll ever need 128 voices, I'd spring for E4XT Ultra immediatelly IMHO , especially now when they are going for cheap.

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I don't know about those newer models, but I had an expanded ESI-32 at one time. Sounded great (16-bit), but don't overlook options and useability. It would take anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to load akai samples. Major PITA if you're into using 3rd party sound disks, hopefully they fixed that in later models. Check around for reviews or you may end up with a machine you won't want to use.
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