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Juno 60, baby


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I REALLY regret selling mine. Here are some quick tips from Vintagesynth.org -


Cool Tips:

The Juno-60 can have 76 patches. By pressing down nr 5 and 1 or 2, at the same time, you get access to patch 57 to 76. Submitted by "Info".


To access patches 80 to 98, (dead-patch) plug a cord into the PATCH SHIFT connector. Now you can access the test-programs 80-98: Keep 5 down and press 3 for bank 8, 5 and press 4 for bank 9.


Fire the Juno up with the KEYTRANSPOSE button pressed and the arpeggio mode-switch up to enter MONO-MODE. All 6 voices will be assigned to the last key pressed.

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Welcome to the fold. I have a Juno-6 (the J-60 predecessor sans memory locations and midi) and it has been used many times over the years. I sold it one time and bought it back a few weeks later I missed it so much and I am glad I did so. I love hthe sound of it and it's easy to get some thick bass and lead lines out of it.


I am actually in the process of looking for a good cheap outboard processor (thinking the Behringer POD thingy) or an Electrix filter to add to the mix, but otherwise, the Juno 6/60 is a great piece of gear to own.


Happy tweaking and playing!

Yamaha (Motif XS7, Motif 6, TX81Z), Korg (R3, Triton-R), Roland (XP-30, D-50, Juno 6, P-330). Novation A Station, Arturia Analog Experience Factory 32


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