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Playing Chaka Khan - "Feel For You"


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Hey folks,


My funk/soul band is learning "Feel For You," the Chaka Khan song from the 1980's. I think that Prince wrote this song.


I've got the chords and structure figured out, but still working on all the different keyboard sounds. This song is just about all keyboards. Does anyone have tips for what to cover using two hands? There's the Minimoog bass, synth pads, signature synth brass stabs, DX bells, harmonica solos, sound FX, clavinet, synth lead, etc. A very thick keyboard arrangement.


I'm also curious about who played keys on this track and what gear was used. I would guess JP8 on the poly brass and pads, Minimoog bass, DX7 bells and clav.


Any thoughts or info would be appreciated!




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Yeah, have the singer learn the harmonica part, too. ;)


Clav sounds a little thick to be a DX, but I have no idea what it actually is. Maybe a real clav? I kept mine...



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I played that tune in a cover band together with another keyboard player. That was one big synth orgy! The bass part was played by the bass player on a Micromoog. The best would be if your bass player would play it like that, or on the bass with an octaver or this Zoom fx stuff. If I would play it now, I would make two splits. One with clavinet and bells and one with brass (cheesy! with a possibility to filter it down to a softer pad) and harmonica or saw lead for solos.

The harmonica part is by Stevie Wonder and the song is for sure by Prince.



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