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FS1R SysEx patch dump help


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I'm trying to bulk dump some patches from a midi file to my FS1R using Digital performer 3.11. It looks like the performances are transmitting, but none of the voices.


All of the performances end up with initialized voices. And all of my user voices are initialized.


Any ideas?

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I guess I'll ask some stupid questions here.


Did the voices in the Midi file originate from the FS1R? In other words are they FS1R sysex format or could they be some version of DX7 voice that the FS1R will not recognize? I remember that to transfer a DX7 voice to the FS1R had to be done one voice at a time. I assume memory protect on the FS1R is off since you say all voices are initialized and they werent before you started?


I use Sounddiver for this kind of thing but as long as DP can handle the large sysex dump I see no problem. BTW the FS1R is one of the worst when it comes to sys ex transfers IMO.


Sorry I dont think I'm of much help here. I just got FM7 delivered today and tried transfering an FS1R voice to FM7 with no luck - I was told it wouldnt work but figured I'd give it a shot. Now I have to figure out how to get hold of a DX7 or TX802.

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Havent tried sysex with FS for awhile, but I do remember that among the different ways of transmitting , one was this: Transmit a patch(multi) plus containing voices where each go into their buffer. That means first you had to save each indiv voice to a location, than save the patch itself(containing those voices).

FS uses multi-level buffer, something i always wanted jd990 and triton to have. :evil:

I think they call this CURRENT dump-out.


FS to FM7 wont work, different(more complex) voice arhitecture. DX,TX802,DX-II into FS works. even banks. TX802 into FM7 also works. (voice only).


btw, are there some interesting patches for FS online (free?), that use more of its 8+8 operator arhitecture?

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