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recommend me a decent "work-a-day" keyboard


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I used to have a luverly Doepfer LMK 1V2 master keyboard, up until a few days ago when the guy who owns it took it away.


Now I'm looking for recommendations for a replacement with the following characteristics:


-> it should be a synth i.e. not just a master keyboard but with it's own sounds and something that can take a bit of hammer

-> I already have a Roland JV1080 so it would be nice if the sounds were of a different ilk.

-> at least 66 keys, preferably 88

-> not be too expensive (i.e. less than 400 Euros that's 277 pounds sterling or 507 US Dollars)

-> as many sounds as possible.

-> on no account should it have built in speakers so nothing in the "cheapo home organ" range - it has to be a semi professional or a professional piece of gear (whatever that means)

-> I don't necessarily need "piano-feel" but things like aftertouch would be nice.


I have no preferences as to which make.


I would be grateful for any suggestions. Here's one to start you off - a friend of mine has a Roland D50 which would be nice except I suspect the sounds are quite similar to the Roland 1080 I already have.



mac dual 1GHz MDD, 1,25GB RAM OS10.3.5

Logic Audio Platinum 6

Opcode Studio 4

Audiowerk 2

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