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musictoyz.com vs sweetwater.com


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Minimoog Voyager at musictoyz $ 2.099,00

Minimoog Voyager at sweetwater $ 2.695,00


I know by their reputation that Sweetwater is a reliable dealer...what about musictoyz?


Have you had any experience with them?


How there can be such a difference?

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Hi Max...you're right.


Please consider that Sweetwater for 2695,00 dollars pays the shipment for me. I'll have to pay 20% VAT and 5% border taxes.


It goes up to 3.395,00 dollars.


Considering the change ratio between dollars and euros the final price will be 2.738,00 euros


The difference then is 352 euros...too much for buying here in Italy without feeling bad :-(


If you could "meet" the price or get close, even if on your home-page you say "don't comment the price", then I could consider buying in Italy. I would even say I prefer to buy here even at an higher price,...but not with such a difference!


Grazie e ciao,


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Mooghead. I think the demand for the Voyager is wanning in the USA. There seems to be plenty of supply. The Guitar Center in Seattle was selling Signature models at $2,000 and Performance at $1,800. I don't know if Guitar Center nationwide has any left in stock. They will no longer stock them. Those prices are probably right near cost.


The price at musictoyz isn't unheard of by any means. Don't feel like it's to good to be true. But, I really don't know anything about musictoyz.



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Well, I feel bad for buying something which is 2100 $ worth and paying it 3.640 dollars. No matter how deep I want the thing...


Does anybody know musictoyz?


P.s. Per Max: guarderò ancora in rete, ma fra voi e Sweetwater (anche se ci sono ancora 150 euro di differenza) lo ordinerò a voi. Devo ammettere che se musictoyz avesse una discreta reputazione la differenza diventerebbe incolmabile...soprattutto visto il cambio attuale. Grazie e a presto.

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