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OS X audio manager/browser?


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I've been looking for an OS X app that will allow me to browse the samples I have, and play them once I click one of the samples - something similiar to Windows Explorer, or ACD See. I tried a couple programs but one crashed upon launch, the other launched and crashed and wasnt what I was looking for.



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Originally posted by Phait:

sound miner is really more than I need

Phait, there's also Soundminer LE


Originally posted by Phait:

and I don't have the host apps it needs.

Are you sure? While the Soundminer site touts its ReWire support for both Digidesign Pro Tools and Steinberg Nuendo 2.0 (MAC OSX), it also supports many other formats:


Soundminer LE features support for all Digidesign Pro Tools environments, Steinberg Nuendo 2, Apple's Final Cut Pro, AVID's Macintosh Media Composers and DV systems, Emagic's Logic Audio, MOTU's Digital Performer, and Roxio Toast.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not pushing Soundminer; I'm not even a Soundminer user. I'd just hate to see you dismiss it because of a misunderstanding.


Of course, if it turns out that OS X by itself winds up suiting your needs, so much the better.





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Originally posted by Superbobus:

That's what I say. Make a library of you samples in iTunes and just browse through them by just pressing the arrow-right and left keys. And making that library is a matter of a few seconds.

I have 2 good drum loops CD's that I use. I extracted the files & set up libraries in iTunes. I audition the loops & when I find the one I want, I open up the window where they're kept, drag & drop the loop into the Tracks Window of Digital Performer.




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