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Visual appeal

Tom Fiala

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OK forum-users, I need opinions (& I know I can get 'em here!!)


Our little cover band is sounding pretty good, we're getting decent gigs around Orlando, and we just had a video done in order to "break into" the convention market.


Even though we sound pretty good, the video demonstrated to me that we're pretty unexciting to watch, despite having 2 attractive women on vocals / guitar and vocal / bass.


While we're not planning to add pyrotechnics or dancers, what else can / should be done to make things LOOK more exciting?

Tom F.

"It is what it is."

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The most important things to remember when considering an image and dynamics for a band are consistency and simplicity.


Consistency - a band like Cheap Trick only comes along once a generation. Make sure that you all look lke you are in the same band. I'm not talking about matching tuxes and dresses...just make sure that styles are not clashing. Of course, don't know your band at all, so I don't know if this applies, but make sure you look like you're in a band, not like some conventiongoers that decided to sit in. And unless you are doing all Jimmy Buffet all the time, for God's sake, no Hawaiian shirts. :D


Simplicity - You are smart to avoid pyrotechnics...there are some things, like fireworks and dancers, that just do not scale down correctly. Stage presence and dynamics is a skill just like chops. Taping yourself is important to self-evaluate. Move around, and do it with confidence. Just as in theatre, exaggerate your movements a bit. And MOVE MOVE MOVE.

"For instance" is not proof.


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I don't know if I'll say this right...


As far as the lead singer goes, and I guess this really applies to the rest of the band as well, treat the audience kinda like you're spinning plates on sticks. Pay attention to one area of the room. When you get that area with you move to another, but keep coming back to make sure they stay with you.


Does that make sense?

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You COULD have the two ladies expose their right breasts...


Sorry, couldn't help myself.


If your gtr and bass are wireless, sending them out in the audience would probably excite some of the guys.


Our lead singer was a great showman. He WAS wireless, and half the night we couldn't find him, except for the crowd turning in a certain direction. There were times we'd find him singing and serving drinks from behind the bar, and I can't count the number of times we finally see him just as he was coming out of the ladies room. That never failed to get applause from both the guys AND the girls!



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Hey Tom,

I performed for a long time as a singer in bands and the thing I found you have to remember is that you're putting on a show. To the audience the performance is about the music to some extent but if they wanted to hear the CD they could stay at home. You need to engage them. Make them feel like you are happy they are there (or pissed if that is your thing ;) ) and let them know that you are not going to let them down.

You can put on a boring show if you are top flight musicians that are playing to other musicians but if you want to engage the folks who really pay the bills then you are going to have to add a little pomp and circumstance to the proceedings.

People want you to succeed but they will only give you so much rope before they loose interest and let go.

Fire it up, play it hard, have fun and remember there ain't nothin to it but to do it. :)


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