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mobile telephone melodies

Dave Horne

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Have any of you programmed any personal melodies into your mobile phone?


The instructions for my phone were in Dutch (an English manual was not available) and I programmed in a few melodies after deciphering the language.


I now have Check To Cheek, 16 bars from the Chopin Waltz in C# minor, and Cocktails For Two.


My phone is monophonic. Can you program in real chords in some phones? Just wondering.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


In general, harmonic complexity is inversely proportional to the ratio between chording and non-chording instruments.


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My cell is 3-note poly and programmable. It also came loaded with lots of tunes:


Chopin's Waltz in Ab, Nocturne in Eb, Etude in E and Polonaise in Ab (Yeah, THAT one!)

Tchaikowsky's "Swan Lake" and "Nutcracker" themes

Schumann's "Dream"

Dvorak's "From the New World", 4th mov.

Vivaldi's "La Primavera"

Mussorgsky's "Promenade" (from Pictures")

Plus the mandatory Blue Danube, Wedding March, Silent Night, and a few more I didn't recognize.


While they're fun, I've never used them as my phone's ring. First, I hate to hear great music played with that 'beep' sound. Second, with polyphonic melodies, the sound becomes too soft, even at max volume, so I'm afraid I'm going to miss calls.

Third, and most important: Since this phone also offers digital recording (though rather poor), I sometimes just record music from my stereo, or even strange noises, and use *that* as rings! :D

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Just out of curiousity, how many of you are composing ringtone melodies for sale? If you are, how much (in qualitative, not quantitative, terms...don't need to pry into actual numbers, just trying to get a general sense) does it add to your revenues?


I've been hearing more and more about this as an option for generating additional revenue from your music...but know absolutely nothing about it..such as how you would go about doing it, length/data requirements, etc. :confused:




"I don't know anything about music. In my line, you don't have to."

-Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

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Thanks for the link, DM. :thu:


I guess there is a lot of money in this. Last year there were hundreds of millions sold. Who knew?
Yeah, that was exactly my reaction...but I've seen enough buzz about folks doing it lately that it got me curious.

"I don't know anything about music. In my line, you don't have to."

-Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

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